KURT LOCKWOOD – What Does the Future Hold?

From Kurt Lockwood:

The Porn Industry is said to be in crisis: What are – from your personal point of view – the reasons?
#1 The porn industry is in a crisis because of all the free porn on the internet. #2 The porn industry is in a crisis because everybody takes naked or sexy pictures of themselves now. When everyone wasn’t so free with their nudity it made those who were more valuable. #3. The porn industry is in a crisis because no one will join together to keep the content (or in performers’ cases, themselves) protected legally and the(ir) prices high like OPEC does for oil and thus the free web pornotubes are doing to adult what ‘napster’ did to the music industry.

– What kind of (technical) innovations in porn movies can be expected in the near future?
Well, in Europe, cellphone pornclips are a lot more popular than here in the U.S. They show porn commercials in clubs over there, too. I could see that,at least in Vegas. But the biggest advance of all in the last few years is probably Blu-Ray. The pornsumer always wants the most life-like picture they can get, though it’s not always the most flattering to the girls. I mean, even Pamela Anderson must get shaving bumps from time to time.

– Porn in 10 years from today – in the US & worldwide?
Porn will always be around. The bubble may have burst but porn will never die. The way it has changed though is that people are more interested in their own specific fetish now moreso than particular performers generally. But the thing about porn is that you can only watch the same scene so many times and you are going to want to see something new and that means new porn will always need to be generated though someday it may be by a computer.

– Where do you see yourself in 10 years?
In ten years time, I think I will like to have started my own church. I have been studying quantum mechanics, I believe certain quantum principles, the double slit experiment, the observer effect, quantum field theory, etc., have come very close to scientifically espousing what certain religions have been telling us for centuries. It blew my mind. I’d like to share what I have learned, lol.


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